Chris Martin

ak_10358_MART_Untitled ak_10368_MART_Cooldrinkonahotday ak_10369_MART_TheRedChicken ak_10372_MART_Untitled ak_10375_MART_DoubleFrogMidnight ak_10420_MART_Untitled ak_10421_MART_Untitled ak_10427_MART_11_11_11 ak_10429_MART_Untitled ak_10430_MART_Untitled ak_10472_MART_Untitled ak_10517_MART_Untitled ak_10570_MART_1_2_3_4_5_6_7...(pyramid) ak_10575_MART_Florida_e ak_10577_MART_NineMillionMagentaLightYears_e ak_10578_MART_SevenPointedStar_e ak_10579_MART_SilverStar ak_10580_MART_TAZ_10_e ak_10590_Mart_ForPaulThek ak_10593_MART_began ak_10728_MART_LateAfternooninBessemerAlabama ak_10734_MART_StrangeBrew ak_10736_MART_Untitled

Images via. Anton Kern Gallery

Chris Martin’s latest works on view at Anton Kern until November 15


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