Marina Abramović’s “Generator”

tumblr_nf3flrZD8e1u1jnono1_1280tumblr_nf3f6t5kiL1u1jnono1_1280  tumblr_nf3lq3lUx61u1jnono1_1280 tumblr_nf3ojjl8gD1u1jnono1_1280 tumblr_nf3orqUhUi1u1jnono1_1280 tumblr_nf3pbl5kRp1u1jnono1_1280Momentarily having your senses taken away can be a very scary experience. In her new gallery show at Sean Kelly Gallery, Marina Abramović’s  “Generator,” does just that by taking away the sense of sight and hearing from the gallery visitors who decide to become a part of the performance piece.

Yesterday I visited the gallery and became a part of the show, at which the artist was present. While I was blinded and guided into the presentation space and told I was free to roam the room or stand still, wishing to stay for as long as I pleased. I decided to roam the room for as long as possible, bumping into walls, people and trying to find the wall when possible. In such a space, the wall felt like a secure space and I followed that wall, all the way to the outside of the room, got led back in (oops) and eventually I raised my hand and got led out. It is scary to have your senses taken away, but that is exactly what Abramović intended, by giving participators the opportunity to distance themselves from what they are used to and into”forced introspection.”

Images via. Sean Kelly Gallery


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