My first Turrell was during his retrospective at the Guggenheim in 2013, at the time I still lived in New Jersey and traveled to the museum to see what everyone online was talking about. My friend Kana and I were extremely excited and when entering the rotunda were taken aback by the beauty of the sequence and the way it played with the architecture of the iconic museum. We laid on the ground for a while and just stared at the circular ceiling as the changing colors captured our attention. Since this moment I have been obsessed with Turrell’s work.

When I found out MoMa PS1 had a Turrell and the newly renovated “Meeting” was once again open to the public I knew I had to go. “Meeting” is one of Turrell’s many Skyspaces, and so far one of my favorites. The square shaped room at PS1 was packed with people waiting for the sequence to start, as I laid on the carpeted floor I was extremely happy that all of these strangers would be experiencing this piece with me. As the sunset began and with it Turrell’s sequence we were all transported from a cold, wooden paneled room in Queens to a magical, signature Turrell colored space.



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