Tell us a little bit about your background. How did you get your start taking photos?

I always felt attracted by visual art. As a child I used to spend every day of the week drawing. I remember being really passionate about drawing super heroes, all of them created by me, each one of them had a different and absurd super power. As time passed by, I slowly stopped drawing, I don’t know why, but it just happened.
In Argentina, when you finish high school it is customary to do a trip with your fellow classmates. For this trip I bought a compact digital camera, which by the way, was my first camera. After that trip, the camera was stored for a while. I always wanted to take a photography course and I took one at the age of 19. I realized that it was something I did not want to tame too much, but to learn through experience. So I started studying on my own count. I began to take pictures just for fun. Trial and failure, over and over. As time passed by, I found myself exploring different types of photography and I then realized I could do with the camera what I was doing before with drawing – create something totally new.


What is your creative process like? What inspires your photographs?

It depends, sometimes the idea is inspired by a place, but most of the time it is something I have jotted down in my notebook. I try to find inspiration in everyday situations, feelings and objects with which I come in contact. First, I draw the main idea in my notebook, just to avoid forgetting it, then I work with the concept, the composition, the light, etc. When the idea is more or less ready, I plan everything. Sometimes I have to build supports with my own hands, it’s one of my favorite parts of the process. This is when I have to define the location, the model, how I will carry out the idea. I like to work a lot in pre-production, so I can decrease post production. I try to use the least amount of Photoshop possible.


How much time goes into carrying out one of your ideas? Which photo has taken the longest to plan out?

It depends on the idea. I build the props with my hands so the time depends on what I need to create. Also, I need to scout the perfect locations. In general it can take one or a couple of weeks from when I scout the location. For example, it took me one week to create a real lipstick-cannon for my photo “Red lips.”


Your photo of the guy with the umbrella and humans raining is very strong. What inspired this photo?

This photo is one of my first self-portraits, 3 years ago. It was shot in the countryside around my town. The umbrella is one of my favorite props, full of meaning, because it protects you but at the same time is very fragile. Rainy humans are like “my others” that died during my life.


Who are some of your biggest influences?

René Magritte, the illustrator Pawel Kuczynski, Wes Anderson, and many others artists.


What can we expect to see from you in the future?

I have been traveling a lot for the  last year and a half and many ideas came to my mind, now it is time to carry them out. Also, lately I have fallen more in love with prop-design, so the next photos will probably include an object that I built specially for them.